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7 Ways to Partner with Businesses & Other Lessons from @Puhsd_PCA

7 Ways to Partner with Businesses & Other Lessons from @Puhsd_PCA

The Phoenix Coding Academy is an innovative school in Arizona that partners with businesses to ensure students are prepared to enter a job market where technology skills are a basic requirement. This is critically important because employment opportunities in technology-related careers are growing at a faster rate than other industries.

A group of ed tech leaders from around the country had the opportunity to visit the school and see what works first hand as part of the Tech & Learning Leadership Summit in Arizona. Here's what they learned.

Seven Ways to Partner with Businesses

Principal Seth Beute explained seven ways the school successfully partners with businesses. This includes providing:

  1. Job shadowing opportunities
  2. Mentorships to all students
  3. Internships for seniors
  4. Guest instructors
  5. Field trips
  6. Serve on advisory councils where they provide an input on the curriculum and ways it can be aligned to the skills needed to work in technology fields
  7. Support at community events showcasing the school
  1. Go where these populations are and show them what is available.
  2. Show these students that tech careers are reachable for them.
  3. Connect students to a learning network of others who look like them who are successful in this industry.