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Tech & Learning has announced the following winners of the ISTE 2017 Best of Show Awards. Thanks to our team of advisors for sharing their time and expertise to explore the latest and greatest announcements from participating vendors. Congratulations to the following winners:


The Acer Chromebook 11 N7 C731T is the latest in the company’s 11.6-inch line, available with durability and reliability features. It can handle up to 132 pounds of downward force, and is built to resist stress, and has a gutter-based spill-resistant keyboard. It features a fan-less design as well as recessed keys. The display opens up 180 degrees. It is powered by Intel processors for 10 hours of battery life and solid performance.


The Acer Switch Alpha 12 is a portable and flexible 2-in-1 Windows 10 notebook that provides cool, quiet operation—ideal for student use at school or home. The Switch Alpha 12 uses a fanless design and unique LiquidLoop Cooling. It uses a 6th Generation Intel Core i7, Core i5, or Core i3 processor. It has a 12-inch touch display with IPS technology and 2160 x 1440 resolution, providing vivid color and details on the display.


Achieve3000 is the leading literacy platform in today’s blended learning programs, with differentiated solutions for grades PreK-12 and adult education. Achieve3000’s research-based Pro solution for grades 2-12 provides the same grade-appropriate nonfiction content at 12 Lexile levels in English and 8 levels in Spanish, with built-in learning supports for struggling readers and ELLs, to ensure all students can participate in the same grade-level instruction – all in a single classroom.


Aerohive Connect delivers great Wi-Fi that provides fast, reliable connectivity needed to enable learning initiatives and to support the increasing number of mobile users, devices, and apps. Aerohive Connect features powerful & adaptable connectivity, self-organizing and self-healing access with the best balance of coverage, capacity, performance, lifetime of cloud networking, and more. Connect is the only Cloud Wi-Fi solution that doesn’t need a subscription; it also features switch management, enhanced management, security, and support.


The Learning alive Plus Station for Sprout Pro by HP G2 helps early learners become proficient in reading and math using augmented technology. Learning alive Plus is a bundled solution for reading and math, incorporating augmented technology to allow 26 animal characters (A to Z) to interact with children. Letters alive Plus is the reading portion of the learning suite. Early learners learn animal facts alongside letter names, letter sounds, sight words, and more.


AVer Information Inc., has announced the release of its CP7541, a seamless 4K interactive flat panel designed to create classroom connections and provide a complete and open learning experience for students. Whether using web browsing, popular education apps, or the extra-value added whiteboard features, CP754i is classroom ready out of the box.


The Fishbone is AVID’s response to the pin-breakage problem within schools. This flexible breakaway TRRS-compatible adapter greatly reduces pin breakage inside expensive electronic devices when students mistakenly yank the cord or their devices fall. Inspired by the swimming motion of fish, this flex-and-bend adapter reorients the audio jack, preventing pin breakage. The Fishbone is part of AVID’s targeted approach to increasing time on learning by reducing technology failure.


The Store and Charge Go is a compact and convenient storage unit, offering a universal solution to store, charge, and distribute multiple classroom devices. The unit can charge up to 10 devices simultaneously and is equipped with a base compartment to house charging cables. It features five portable trays, and using a compact design eliminates time spent distributing and retrieving devices from single-storage locations. The unit is offered in the AC version or the USB version.


Black Box’s newly redesigned Deluxe Charging and Storage carts are engineered to offer the best value and longest life expectancy of any cart on the market. Quick-Release wiring, exclusive to Black Box, wires carts in less than 30 minutes. Enhancements include a new standard charging timer for selective shelf charging, intelligent charging which detects low battery devices first; GDS Wireless charging featuring an easy, slide-in/slide-out docking system; and an optional basket system.


The BrightBytes Intervention Management module, developed in partnership with Mazin Education, coordinates interventions, tracks fidelity and frequency of services, and documents all efforts in a centralized location. The module allows educators to capture intervention-specific assessment data to monitor change, assess program participation (RTI to ACT type programs), and view progress through a variety of visuals such as graphs, dashboards, lists, and tables. The module also monitors the efficacy of interventions for specific cohorts of students.


The PowerPro PA920 is Califone’s flagship PA system designed for audiences of 1,000 or more. The PA920 is a complete, self-contained sound system with two built-in wireless mic receivers, a CD/USB Media Player, Bluetooth compatibility that allows wireless connection to Bluetooth-capable mobile devices, and 90-watts RMS of power, with a single unit easily covering crowds up to 1,000 people or many more with added wireless PowerPro companion speakers.


pivotEd, an interactive lesson app from Capstone, uses social media aspects to engage students in collaborative discussion and critical thinking. Educators lead while students contribute ideas via their devices to word clouds, polls, tables, and more. Educators can connect to print or digital content, including the 250 Capstone eBooks that are part of the introductory offer. Educators can also create their own lessons from scratch, including those for small groups of students for group-to-group sharing.


Casio America, Inc. announced the XJ-UT311WN Ultra-Short-Throw Projector. The XJ-UT311WN can project shadow-free, crisp visuals thanks to its built-in 0.28:1 fixed lens. The built-in short-throw lens and advanced mirror system projects an 80” image from 1.5 feet away. The XJ-UT311WN produces 3,100 lumens of brightness and boasts WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution, producing up to 1.07 billion colors, with a 20,000:1 contrast ratio.


CatchOn is an administrative software that collects real-time data on every student device type and all app, software and website activity. The software provides granular evidence on what is going on digitally in the teaching and learning environment, which district leaders can examine when making data-rich decisions about app use, cost, and ROI. CatchOn helps district administrators prescribe professional development and discover popular new apps, ensuring their edtech meets the needs of teachers and students.


Pi-top have created two staple hardware products: the build-it-yourself laptop, pi-top and the modular desktop pi-topCEED. The pi-top DIY laptop takes about one class session to build and lets the students explore hardware and software alike. The pi-topCEED is powered by a Raspberry Pi, the tiny affordable computer that one can use to learn programming and practical projects. With pi-topOS software suite pre-loaded, the user switches it on and starts teaching.


The Stewart Storage Cart is a mobile storage cart for any classroom environment but caters very well to makerspaces where flexible mobile storage is at a premium. The storage cart features a double-sided, removable bin-storage system. The storage bins have built-in dividers for various robotic pieces, craft items, and more! There is a peg board on the side of the cart for hanging filament spools for 3D printers, tools, and other necessities.


CK-12 is a free, comprehensive educational resource for students and teachers covering STEM curriculum areas in grades K-12. CK12.org offers users a library of resources and lets them customize content. These resources include 150 digital CK-12 FlexBooks and 150,000 community-contributed books. Content is divided into 7,500 concepts offering modalities like text, videos, adaptive practice, interactives, study guides, and real-world applications. Users can access CK-12 via computers, mobile devices, and LMS systems.


ClassTag is the first service to support personalized, meaningful, twoway communication with parents regardless of what devices they use, even if they are entirely offline. With its new release, ClassTag bridges the gap between families using technology and those completely offline to reach 100% of families. If a family isn’t being reached via email, sms, website, or mobile app, the smart assistant will recommend printing a personalized flyer to be sent home in children’s backpacks.


Cricket Media launched CricketTogether, an innovative eMentoring platform that helps teachers create independent learners by combining powerful writing tools, compelling content, and access to role models. By matching carefully screened, caring adult role models with students 1:1, CricketTogether creates a safe environment where students get guidance from and build friendships with caring adults, learn from content that interests them, and are coached by their teachers along their learning paths.


CTL announced the release of the J5 Rugged Chromebook. This Chromebook is designed to hold up in classroom and take-home programs. The J5 can withstand drops up to 70cm. It has an IP51 rating, giving it resistance to water and dust. The J5 is a flip-touch Chromebook so it can be used as a table or clamshell. Finally, the J5 is packed with a powerful Intel processor, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage.


The 13-inch Latitude 13 and Dell Chromebook 13 (3380) notebooks deliver a larger screen, more powerful processing performance, and faster memory for students to leverage the latest STEM applications. Key features include support for multiple operating systems, MIL-STD 810G specs to survive the daily rigor of the classroom environment, and they enable 24x7 learning. The laptops are equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11 2x2+ Bluetooth 4.0 and several ports including HDMI, USB, and RJ-45.


With Dell Canvas, display and input merge into one device, streamlining user interactions with system and content. Users can create and edit work in stunning detail with the expansive 27” QHD Adobe RGB display. Intuitive new features included with Windows 10 and optimizations included in the high-powered software enable a dynamic new experience. Canvas combines interactivity with innovation in user experience to help professionals interact with demanding workflows in a new, immersive way.


DreamBox Learning is an adaptive, online K-8 math program. It is designed to complement classroom instruction and is proven by independent research to positively impact student outcomes. Combining a motivating, game-like environment, a rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum, and embedded assessment, it responds to learners’ actions and decisions by continuously adapting to support student competency with math concepts and promoting strategies for fluency and application.


Edmentum Exact Path is focused on understanding where students are academically, identifying strengths and weaknesses for each student, and then using targeted instruction that is aligned towards the student’s needs. Assessments are available across three subjects—math, reading, and language arts—as norm-referenced measures intended to pinpoint each student’s instructional level and drive tailored instruction. Ongoing Progress Checks assess mastery and continually adapt a student’s’ learning path to provide necessary remediation or accelerated content.


The BrightLink 710Ui interactive laser display is perfect for classroom viewing as it can deliver a large, bright, 100-inch image, up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation, and instant ON/OFF. Offering 4,000 lumens of color and white brightness with a full HD WUXGA display for crisp images, built-in pen/touch interactivity, and multi-platform connectivity options, the 710Ui is the ultimate interactive display for the modern, collaborative classroom.


ExploreLearning Gizmos is the world’s largest library of interactive online simulations for math and science education in grades 3-12. Gizmos help students develop a deep understanding of challenging concepts through inquiry and exploration. Gizmos are ideal for small group work, individual exploration, and whole-class instruction using an LCD projector or interactive whiteboard. Designed to supplement existing curriculums, Gizmos are correlated to state curriculum standards and over 200 textbooks for easy instructional integration.


Fusfoo High School Digital Network is a no-cost website that allows high schools to combine all of their students’ video and editorial content from school newspapers and school television stations onto a single platform. Fusfoo gives high schools a safe space for students’ videos and articles to be created, shared, and consumed on a fully supported digital space using the latest technology, inspiring students to discover new interests while facilitating learning outside the classroom.


The VSA-X21 is an HDBaseT Receiver with 50watt audio amp, and full-featured Web-based GUI for selecting inputs, turning the display on/off, and more. VSA-X21 can directly drive 8 ohm speakers and is compatible with any HDBase-T compliant sender including the model UHBX-S-WP wall plate HDMI sender, or the UHBXSW3-WP sender with multiple HDMI/VGA inputs. The VSA-X21 provides power to the senders using PoH, eliminating the need to connect power to the senders.


Personalized online professional learning content for educators to improve teaching and impact student achievement. Provide your educators with the professional learning experiences that work for them through pedagogical content paired with technical training. Anytime, anywhere access to a vast library focused on instructional practices, college and career readiness, student engagement, technology use, and more.


The HUE HD Pro classroom camera can view a full US letter sheet and project it onto the whiteboard via your PC and projector. The built-in LED lights will help illuminate your subject. Available for Windows and Mac OS X. The HUE HD Pro also comes with specially designed software, HUE Intuition, to allow you to master the full functionality of the camera with ease. Colorful, affordable technology to inspire creative learning and teaching.


Classroom Video On Demand is a specially curated streaming video collection serving the specific needs of high school students, in basic through AP courses. The thousands of top-quality videos, segmented into hundreds of thousands of video clips, span subjects across the entire high school curriculum. Classroom Video On Demand is ideal for high schools that want targeted content, tailored specifically to their level. Videos are added regularly, free of charge, from outstanding producers and programs.


Itslearning is introducing integrations to the world’s most popular cloud apps. Users can now use Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint directly from within itslearning without a Microsoft email account. Teachers can now also add files into courses, plans, assignments, or the itslearning library by pulling them from Google’s G-Suite or Microsoft’s Office 365. Teacher can also synchronize their preferred cloud service to itslearning for full access without having to leave the system.


Science Bits is a repository of multimedia science lessons for secondary school that promote the change from a transmission educational model to a constructivist one, based on inquiry, critical thinking, discovery, and learning by doing. Science Bits enriches teacher exposition and promotes interaction with students with its wide array of multimedia resources and includes all the guides to teach and learn science by doing science and a user-friendly Intranet that allows teachers to monitor student progress, among other features.


EasyTech’s Adaptive Keyboarding Application helps students develop accuracy and speed through independent practice. It includes a role-based user interface and modern design for increased student engagement. Students earn digital badges as they demonstrate improvement while the adaptive engine recommends personalized exercises to meet their individual needs. The application also features unique growth models, integration with third-party LMS platforms, and intuitive teacher and student dashboards.


The littleBits Code K is designed to support 1-3 students in grades 3-8 and is great for beginners or pros alike. The kit includes 16 Bits, 30 accessories, 100+ activities, 4 game-based inventions, 14 video tutorials, 11 lessons, and a free desktop coding app compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook, with drag-and-drop programming based on Google’s Blockly. Students develop coding & engineering skills as they embrace failure, think critically, make their own rules, and collaborate.


MackinVIA is a free digital-content management system created to provide schools with easy access to their collection of ebooks, audiobooks, databases, websites, videos, and more. With a single login, users can view, utilize, and manage all of the school’s digital resources on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device anywhere. Working with an ever-growing list of digital publishers, MackinVIA provides access to more than 1.5 million digital resources in a variety of formats.


ALEKS is a personalized math solution for grades 6–12 that uses artificial intelligence to identify and provide instruction on the topics each student is most ready to learn next. Designed to ensure mastery, ALEKS maps each student’s evolving knowledge state and continuously refines the way topics are connected to each other. By presenting the topics a student is most ready to learn next, ALEKS ensures a mastery rate of more than 90 percent.


NEO is a learning management system for schools and universities from CYPHER LEARNING, that boosts student engagement and makes teaching easier. NEO offers a centralized environment for creating classes, organizing learning material, assigning and submitting homework, taking assessments, collaborating with classmates, and analyzing results. It also provides an intuitive user interface, extensive feature set, gamified elements to boost student retention, and analytical reporting tools for tracking students’ progress. It is even customizable, letting schools brand NEO with their school’s identity.


NetSupport School allows instructional staff to monitor and interact with all student devices to maintain student focus in technology-led instruction and learning. Instructors can share their screen with selected students, distribute files and publish varied formative/summative assessments & surveys. NetSupport School is compatible across all platforms including Windows, Chrome, iOS, Android, and Mac, allowing instructors to seamlessly connect to any mix of student devices supporting BYOD policies where required.


NetSupport announced its latest update to NetSupport DNA, an education-focused IT asset management solution that contains a toolbox of features allowing the discovery and management of all IT assets & endpoints across schools or districts—saving time, reducing costs, and applying extra layers of security with unique internet safety features to protect students while promoting digital citizenship. Also available as a combined solution with NetSupport School, the most widely installed multiplatform classroom-management software.


Paragon Furniture, Inc., announced its new MAKER Series INVENT Table and Idea Board. The MAKER INVENT tables are available with locking casters for easy mobility or glides for stationary applications. The table surface can be configured using materials such as laminate, chemical-resistant, and butcher block to fit a space’s intent. The MAKER Idea Board has a double-sided dry erase finish that’s a writing surface and magnetic, so it adds flexibility to any group gathering.


Paragon Furniture Inc., launched an entirely new family of chairs and stools designed to outfit every space in a school. The new READY line features six products: adjustable-height lab stools and task chairs, non-adjustable 4-leg chairs on glides or casters, 4-leg stools, and cantilevered chairs. All of the products in the line are available in child, youth, and adult heights (14-inch, 16-inch, and 18-inches) to accommodate students and faculty.


PREPWORKS Learning Positioning System (LPS) presents a 21st-century trilogy of micro and macro assessments, instructional activities, and reporting to transform the way students are learning in the classroom and achieving on high-stakes tests. With its micro-tagging system, each aspect of PREPWORKS content is created in tiny learning objects, allowing LPS to gather and process thousands of data points for each student. The LPS-adaptive programs can be synced to all devices.


ActivPanel with InGlass touch and writing technology offers a natural and smooth writing experience. It includes a built-in digital whiteboard for free-form handwriting and drawing, saving/sending capabilities, and a simultaneous touch and pen surface where teachers can enable palm erase or convert handwriting and equations into text. Included with the ActivPanel is ClassFlow Desktop, the next-generation of lesson delivery software that enables teachers to easily create and present interactive lessons. ClassFlow Desktop comes with an easy-to-use interface, supports popular lesson file formats (e.g., Smart Notebook, Adobe PDF, and Flipcharts), and works offline and online.


Renaissance announced the launch of Renaissance Flow 360, an innovative solution designed to make assessment-driven personalized learning a reality. The program includes a Mastery Dashboard, where educators have deep insight into student mastery by domain, standard, skill, or subskill. Educators can see this view at the classroom level and beyond—allowing teachers to decide which students need additional instruction or practice and giving administrators a clear picture of achievement and growth across the district.


Renaissance-U is a blended service that combines access to expert coaches with engaging, evolving on-demand content focusing on best practices for Renaissance’s reading, math, and assessment solutions. The expert coaches help plan implementation for the school year and provide ongoing expertise for conversations around data, implementation roadblocks, and facilitating collaboration among educators in the school. The on-demand content offers a variety of videos, tutorials, and activities with a flexibility that fits any educator’s schedule.


Shmoop is a digital publishing company with a point of view. Shmoop Learning Guides, Shmoop College Readiness, Shmoop Test Prep, and Shmoop Online Courses balance a teen-friendly, approachable style with academically rigorous materials to help students understand how subjects relate to their daily lives. Shmoop’s resources relate materials to students’ lives and use language that facilitates learning instead of setting up roadblocks. Shmoop is used in thousands of schools and districts across the country and has positively and measurably impacted student achievement.


Verb Active Media Table is a liftable, retractable media support for today’s active classrooms. With media support integrated into its structure, the Verb Active Media Table encourages collaboration and facilitates class activities in large, active classrooms. With a built-in adjustable monitor lift, Verb minimizes sightline obstructions and provides quick transitions between learning modes. The mobile table can support a range of existing technology and provide a flexible, affordable solution for institutions.


StudySync, offered by McGraw Hill Education, is a comprehensive ELA (English Language Arts)/ELL (English Language Learning) core curriculum for grades 6-12. StudySync launched a new podcast, “School of Thought,” and a unit creator. The podcast helps students improve important listening and critical-thinking skills. The new Unit Creator allows teachers to create their own unique, specialized units from StudySync’s rich content, letting teachers select and customize materials to meet their exact instructional needs.


Texthelp announced the release of EquatlO, a new Chrome extension that makes it easy for students and teachers to create equations, formulas, and other mathematical expressions digitally. Teachers and students can type, handwrite, or dictate virtually any mathematical expression directly on their computer’s keyboard or touchscreen. EquatlO compliments Texthelp’s other education and literacy software that helps students read, write, and express themselves confidently, in line with their own personal learning needs.


Tiggly is launching the newest interactive math platform developed specifically for the classroom and designed by teachers, based on research and feedback. Tiggly Digits + Symbols contains 11 manipulatives in the form of 0-10 and four math symbols (+ - = >). A teacher dashboard lets educators adjust settings and math difficulty for any number of students. Educators can create their own levels and track student’s data as well. The software is fully interactive and helps students master math content.


Tripp Lite’s CSC36AC 36-Device AC Charging Cart provides efficient charging and secure storage for dozens of Chromebooks and laptops while offering multipurpose features for K-12 environments. Automatic dual-zone charging supports higher wattages without overloads, and key-locking front and rear compartments deter theft of devices and power adapters. Innovative features include an internal power outlet, an RJ45 pass-through port for wireless access points, numbered device slots and color-coded shelves, power strips, cable slots, and more.


Veative Labs has adapted VR technology and designed it for use specifically in educational and training environments. Veative’s modules are interactive, easy to use, and enable student-centered learning that can reinforce any science or mathematics curriculum. VR modules are now available in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics for schools. All can be adapted to any language and any curriculum. The modules also include tasks, exercises and other activities, immersing students in the subject matter.


Vernier Software & Technology announces exclusive distributorship of Pivot Interactives, an online platform that lets students analyze real-world physical phenomena using high-resolution videos and built-in measurement tools. Students learn real-world science through experiments that would be difficult or impossible to set up in the classroom. The Pivot platform features pre-lab investigations, lab skills assessment, flipped classroom learning, and post-lab assessment. Teachers can assign pre-made Interactives to students, author new ones, or provide feedback through Pivot Interactivities.


ViewSonic has released the ViewBoard IFP7500, a 75-inch interactive flat panel with a 20-point touch screen for remarkable collaborative experiences. The ViewBoard IFP7500 features optional dual slot-in PC capability, Open Pluggable Specification [OPS], and Intel’s Smart Display Module [SDM] for futureproof compatibility. With a built-in ARM quad-core processor and an Android 5.0 OS, the IFP7500 offers 2GB memory and 16GB storage. It features multiple connectivity options, vBoard and vMeeting collaboration software, and casting functionality.


Velocity is a K-5 digital English Language Arts solution for optimized learning which can be implemented alongside any core program to create individualized instruction. Students gain proficiency in critical ELA skills through using Velocity’s instructional, adaptive program. Velocity continuously monitors each student’s understanding of subtle learning concepts. This advanced technology instantly adjusts lessons to make them more effective for each individual student, while providing meaningful reports and actionable insights to the teacher throughout the process.


wePresent announced the release of WiCS-2100. In addition to existing wePresent features, the WiCS-2100 offers new features such as complete integration with Chromecast and Airplay devices, including audio and video support. WiCS-2100 offers teachers an on screen user preview for up to 32 users as well as the ability to lock down the presentation from others. Eco standby mode utilizes discrete power to maintain functionality while conserving energy use.


West Corporation recently unveiled the SchoolMessenger app. This new mobile and web application in the SchoolMessenger solutions family—available for free as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices and as a browser-based application—brings together teacher and classroom messaging technology with school- and district-level notifications, putting a complete app for school communications at parents’ fingertips. With the SchoolMessenger app, parents can engage in two-way conversations with teachers, school groups, and more via optional add-on modules.


“XYZprinting’s Complete K-12 STEAM Solution” combines K-12 STEAM curriculum with the da Vinci miniMaker 3D printer to offer an all encompassed approach to developing STEAM skills and knowledge. XYZprinting’s STEAM lesson plans include Tool Design, Elementary Arithmetic, Electromagnets and more. Along with the da Vinci miniMaker 3D printer and student-centric 3D software, an online curriculum shows educators step-by-step how to deliver an engaging STEAM-based lesson, helping them expand students’ horizons and foster innovation.

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