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What do you need-most?

Diigo is an online tool used for collecting information and storing it in the Cloud! See how I use it for Professional Development.
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Many of us say, “If I only had more time I could .......” you can finish the statement .

What would you change about how you get your professional development?
Do you need to be in a group in order to best learn? Do you need a sandbox in order to play around with the new tools? How about feedback from your students, or their parents? Do you need to take a day off from school or work to attend a workshop?

Each time I think about learning a new tool or new professional learning, I have a new strategy. Sometimes I call a friend and we learn about a tool together. Other times I search Twitter and find people I follow and see what they are recommending. Lately, I've been using Diigo for my professional development. Diigo is a tool for filing bookmarks, articles, collecting research, highlighting information and saving all of this in the Cloud. However, there are so many of my good friends using Diigo and saving and sharing information, that I am using Diigo as my professional development.

Each morning I read through my email, then I make a 10 min. window to check out my Diigo recommendations. I have not had a day where I was disappointed. Each day I learn about some new app for my ipad or I learn about a new website that I can share with my students.

For me, Diigo is the best professional development for my time investment. I choose Diigo for my PD because:

  • I have incremental learning in 10 minute blasts of time.
  • I can always share one thing I learned from Diigo with my students or staff.
  • I am gaining from the wisdom of others.
  • I can share back to Diigo when I find items of interest.

Best of all, Diigo is FREE. Check out their informational movies, then make Diigo your PD.




Just What You Need

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How Do You Learn?

I think sometimes as we get older, we become more cautious, think great ideas, and then decide not to share, or we become one-sided in our views.