The 3 apps and services I can't live without

The 3 apps and services I can't live without

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This week I've had two colleagues and three or 4 students ask me what technology apps and services I use the most or can't live without. The reason was that they were looking to get started using some new things and wanted to pick a couple that they could learn and use for a majority of their needs instead of learning and using lots of different apps. So, here are my 3 apps/services that I can not live without:

1. Evernote - Evernote, an electronic notebook with lots of great features, is my main tool. I have lesson plans, lesson notes, lesson resources, research, travel info, recipes, lesson schedule, meeting notes, attached files, clippings from web sites, to do lists, personal references, tech resources and instructions and so much more. It is the main app I use for almost everything.

2. Dropbox - Dropbox is a great file sync, backup, and sharing service that you can use for free. The rest of the files I need to use that are not in Evernote are setup in my Dropbox so that they are synced on my home and school computers and my smartphone. I can access my files from any web browser also. I never have to worry about losing a flash drive or forgetting to copy or email myself a file.

3. Google - I know this is kind of vague because Google has so many services, but I use a lot of them. Blogger for this blog and my class blogs, Sites for my class website, Gmail, Google+, Calendar, iGoogle, Docs, search and so much more.

With these three apps/services, I am organized and have all my data and materials available at any time. All three have great apps for my Android SmartPhone also.

When I help get people started using web 2.0 apps like these, I always want to start them with just one or two at a time. These three can do most of what people need. They are easy to use, yet powerful, and there is a lot of resources and support for using them.

What are the three apps or services you can't live without?


I use Tweetdeck in Chrome browser to access my PLN on Twitter. So, I guess I really have 4 I can't live without.


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