ISTE Newbie Project - help send a deserving teacher to ISTE conference

ISTE Newbie Project - help send a deserving teacher to ISTE conference

ISTE (International Society of Technology in Education) puts on a great, huge, educational conference each year. I was lucky enough to attend ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia last year (thanks to winning a Discovery Education contest that paid for it for me) and had a great time, learning, sharing, and connecting with educators from around the world. Philadelphia is also a great town!

Attending ISTE is a great experience for any educator, but can be a tad expensive. Travel costs, meals and expenses, hotel, conference fee, etc. I was lucky enough to get my paid for by Discovery Education. Beth Still (@bethstill), a great educator that's part of my PLN thought every teacher should have a chance to attend the ISTE Conference. Back in 2008, when it was the NECC conference, she decided to see if she could use Twitter to help raise $1500 to send a teacher to the conference. It worked! And she's doing it again.

This year's ISTE Newbie is Jerry Blumengarten, better known on Twitter as @cybraryman1, who has an incredible website ( with thousands of great resources for educators (500 pages and 30,000 links). He's very active on Twitter, helping with various educational chats and also helping teachers out with resources and ideas. He's also a nice guy. His generosity to other educators is incredible.

So, let's help send Jerry to ISTE 2012 in San Diego this summer. You can go to the ISTE12 Newbie Site to donate. As of 9am today, over $700 had already been raised towards the $2000 goal! I donated because I think its a great idea and cause, and I think that Jerry truly deserves it.


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