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Create your own school yearbook

  TreeRing offers a simple Web-based service that allows parents, teachers and yearbook staff to create customized school yearbooks
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 TreeRing offers a simple Web-based service that allows parents, teachers and yearbook staff to create school yearbooks that have all the best images for the school - but are also customized for each student. TreeRing yearbooks can be produced any time, and can be compiled in a day or so.

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Your Own Quick Tips

Tip: You can create or collect Tips for teachers to put on your school or district web site, share at faculty or department meetings, or as a FYI in teacher's boxes. These Tips can be on any subject that teachers find useful: classroom management, lesson planning, parent conferences, etc. Choose someone to be

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BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology)

  Each spring, Walled Lake (MI) Consolidated School District kicks off its ten-year-old Anytime Anywhere Learning (AAL) Laptop Program with an orientation meeting for parents of fifth graders.

Kids Creating Videos with Vision

TEL•A•VISION, a new Web 2.0 platform that inspires youth to create and share visions of hope and possibility through personal “vision videos,” and Youth Service America (YSA), leader in the youth service movement, announced their plans to expand their efforts to promote service-learning with vision videos. 

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Refreshing your website

What can you do to breathe some life back into the Web site? Here are some tips from Edugeek's Russal Dyas ¦ Install A Content Management System (CMS)   Most CMS allow you to create content for your site without

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How To Create Your Own Video-Sharing Site

Flipping Out for Fliggo by Jen FarrI recently came across a Web 2.0 application that makes it easy to create your own customizable video sharing site in minutes. You can use Fliggo to build a class video blog, create a

Create your Own Forms for PDAs

I've been using a commercial teacher observation form on my handheld computer, and love the ease of use. Now I'd like to automate some of the other checklists I routinely complete, such as the campus safety form. Is there a way I can create my own checklists? There are software packages that enable you to use a