Chromebook Cranium Protector Safeguards School Chromebooks

Chromebook Cranium Protector Safeguards School Chromebooks

When Mickey Chavannes took over as the Director of Instructional Technology for the School District of Cudahy, in Cudahy, Wisconsin, he wanted to do more to protect the district's substantial investment in his students' technology.

That's why in 2013 Chavannes invented Cranium Chromebook Protector, an outer cover that adheres to the top of a Chromebook. The Cranium Chromebook Protector incorporates a double-sided aluminum outer and a thin softer PVC core that is held to the top of the Chromebook with a thin adhesive. The Cranium is designed so students cannot take it on and off, which is common among other “protective” shells.

Phil Biggs, the Educational Technology Coordinator for Lake Stevens School District, Lake Stevens Washington, said, “One of the key reasons we moved away from purchasing cases for students (which is what we were originally planning) to going with Craniums was a presentation by another area high school. They said their students rebelled when the school told them they had to have yet another bag to carry around. We came back and redesigned, knowing we had to have a solution that would offer lots of protection but fit in a backpack -- and the Cranium is the only solution for that. Sleeves only offer superficial protection -- from scratches and dirt.”

The outer shell also doubles as a dry-erase whiteboard. Jason Bretzman, a social studies teacher at Mukwonago High School and Technology Integrator, commented, “For protection, communication, and brainstorming, the simple, practical inclusion of the dry erase board makes the device a great tool open or closed."

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