"Students as Digital Creators" Released

From building learning apps and games to digital design and innovations, schools are increasingly becoming centers for creativity. In a new EdTechNext report issued today, Students as Digital Creators, CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) examines this transformation in school systems nationwide – and how they are proving beneficial to students and educators.

To lead and promote digital creativity throughout a school system, educators offer the following tips:

  • Start with something you do well.
  • Start with conversations.
  • Start young.
  • Mine out-of-school programs for ideas.
  • Encourage digital creation and regular instruction.
  • Get creative with space, scheduling, curriculum and assessment.
  • Get creative with professional development.
  • Redefine collaboration.
  • Communicate and engage with parents.
  • Connect your efforts to college and career

To read the full report, visit: cosn.org/ed-tech-next-reports.