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Using Video Effectively in the Classroom

So how do you get your students to tune in instead of just kicking back?
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When we show videos in class, we want our students to watch actively rather than passively: to comprehend, not just consume. We want our students to be active viewers.

But why stop at comprehension? Active viewing is great, but it isn't enough.

When it comes to video, students shouldn't just get it; they should also have something to say about it

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Classroom Audio and Video at Discount

Avid®  announced today that its audio and video solutions meet the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) funding guidelines for education and training.  The solutions are available to educators at up to 85 percent off US MSRP and provide students the media creation tools they will encounter in advanced education programs as well as in film, television, broadcast, music and audio production careers.   

PD videos model effective teaching

 Sublime Learning™ recently announced the release of its newest eTeachables library. Inquiry-Based Learning for Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) supports instruction around key questions or themes to offer educators timely, problem-based K-8 teaching strategies.  

Teacher Effectiveness System Debuts

School Improvement Network's Teacher Effectiveness System (TES) is an integrated system that incorporates every step of the teacher learning cycle to help educators get students college and career ready.