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Edtech Wearable for Kids Teaches Time and More

Edtech Wearable for Kids Teaches Time and More

Octopus, the interactive scheduling watch from edtech company JOY, has just closed a successful seed round raising $1.5 million.

Instead of parents nagging their children to complete daily tasks and chores, this interactive watch gamifies the child’s daily routine. Each day at a given time, the child is reminded of a task they must complete with a gentle vibration to draw their attention to the screen and an icon that pops up representing an activity or chore. When the activity has been completed, the child presses the only button on the watch to clear the icon away. The more activities completed, the more badges received.

In addition to its scheduling function, Octopus also allows children to master the concept of time. Designed for children ages 3 and up, the watch works in three modes to adapt to the early stages of childhood development. The first mode, the scheduler, links time to tasks. The second and third modes teach children to read a digital clock and then an analog clock respectively.

Pre-orders are available now for $79.99. To learn more about Octopus, visit the website.