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Hoonuit Calls Educators to Become Learning Ambassadors

Hoonuit Calls Educators to Become Learning Ambassadors

Hoonuit has made a call for educators to join its network of Learning Ambassadors at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference. The purpose of the program is to a build a community of educators who will collaborate and grow through the support and mentorship of fellow members.

Learning Ambassadors will have access to a community of connected educators, and also be recognized for what they do to support learners. Throughout each individual’s time as a Learning Ambassador, Hoonuit will spotlight various ambassador presentations, shared resources, blog posts and more. At its core, the program is focused on investing in these leading educators to broaden each member’s knowledge and reach in the larger education community, creating an invaluable feedback loop for continuous improvement.

Learn more about the Learning Ambassador program by visiting booth 3441 at ISTE or apply now.