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ClassDojo Launches "Toolkit"

Today, ClassDojo announced a new service, "Toolkit"
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Today, ClassDojo announced a new service, "Toolkit": a place for teachers to find tools they can use throughout the day. At launch, Toolkit includes eight tools that allow teachers to do common classroom activities, like making classroom groups, having students share in pairs, picking a student at random, playing classroom music, and. Toolkit is integrated into ClassDojo's app and automatically projects from a phone to a smartboard or screen, making it possible for teachers to leave their desks and move freely about their classroom.

ClassDojo's Toolkit will launch with a set of eight tools:

  1. Music: create a classroom soundtrack
  2. Group Maker: randomly generate student groups of any size
  3. Random: an easy way to select a student at random as part of a lesson or for classroom tasks
  4. Think Pair Share: create a question, and have students reflect and discuss in pairs
  5. Noise Meter: help everyone see when a classroom is getting too rowdy
  6. Directions: directions shared from a teacher's phone
  7. Timer: students will always know how much time they have left
  8. Today: project morning announcements, activities, and more

All ClassDojo teachers will get free access. For more information, visit: https://www.classdojo.com



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