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FreshGrade Integrates with Google Translate

FreshGrade Integrates with Google Translate

FreshGrade announced today that Google Translate is now integrated into the comment and announcement features within the FreshGrade tool for all new and existing school and district partners. The integration will be available on the FreshGrade web application, as well as the FreshGrade for Parents and FreshGrade for Students mobile apps, and will allow users to both read and write in the language of their choosing. This upgrade aims to enable more effective communication and collaboration between educators and their students and parents who are bilingual, multilingual, or English language learners (ELLs).

In the FreshGrade platform, teachers provide personalized feedback in student portfolios, which students and parents can read and reply to. The Google Translate integration will support this feedback feature by enabling comments to be translated into each teacher, parent, or student's preferred language. Push notifications inform parents and students when students’ digital portfolios are updated or when information is shared.

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