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Kahoot! Launches New Mobile App

Kahoot! Launches New Mobile App

Kahoot!, the game-based learning platform, launched its new mobile app today. The new app, designed for iOS and Android, allows teachers to send after-class challenges to students as homework.

Key app features

  • Teachers can send homework, via their computer or the app, to students through challenges, either by sharing a link via email, Google Classroom or other messengers, or by just sharing a unique game PIN assigned to the challenge.
  • Now, players can see questions and answers on their mobile devices.
  • The home screen gives an overview of challenges in progress and previous games played, a list of featured kahoots, as well as the ability to search for kahoots from a library of over 20 million public kahoot games. .
  • Teachers can specify, via their computer or the app, how long they want the challenge to be live - for example, when homework is due for students.
  • More than 20 million public kahoot games on a broad range of topics, ranging from history, pop culture, geography, and math, are available to play against friends or in single-player mode.

See the Kahoot! app video tutorial here and download for free in the App Store and on Google Play.