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WittyWe Launches New Video-based Learning Environment

WittyWe Launches New Video-based Learning Environment

WittyWe, a learning environment covering school curriculum topics, life skills and college-level enrichment, has launched to help students in grades K-9 engage in deeper learning while developing and practicing important life skills. The platform, which can be used in school or at home, features more than 60 online courses, 5,000-plus minutes of animated video, and thousands of lessons and interactive resources.

The WittyWe platform uses teaching techniques such as storytelling, design thinking, resolving real-life cases, learning through play, and self-learning to provide students with a fun and informative way to introduce new topics. The videos and courses cover a wide array of curricular topics and help students develop important skills such as decision making, goal setting, time management, future planning, and more.

During the WittyWe experience, students earn points, badges, certificates and prizes as a reward and motivation to continue learning. The platform, which is used to supplement classroom and at-home learning, is supported on all devices, including computers, tablets, and Smartphones.

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