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Live from NECC: Professional Learning, Online

Teachscape has expanded its web-based Teachscape XL professional learning platform. 
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News from the National Educational Computing Conference:

Teachscape has expanded its web-based Teachscape XL professional learning platform. The platform now includes curriculum mapping to the core concepts and critical skills found in standards, varied student assessments that provide timely data for teachers, Classroom Walkthroughs for measuring instructional practices against modern research, and a host of online learning modules for driving classroom instructional practice.

Teachscape XL now includes four components designed to provide one system for using research and data to ensure students are progressing down a learning path. It provides the tools to assess student progress, analyze teaching strategies, recommend corrective instruction, and align curriculum to standards.

For more information, visit www.teachscape.com.



Live From NECC: Instant Grading

GradeCam Corporation introduces GradeCam, software which, when paired with an affordable web or document camera, allows classroom teachers to assess student learning instantly by scanning and grading multiple choice tests

Live from NECC: ASP Now an Option

 Century Consultants, Ltd., an ASM Research Company, (Century) is pleased to announce the addition of an ASP solution as an option for its Star_Base School Suite®, an integrated, web-based student information management system.

Live from NECC: Quick Quizzes

Pearson, the education and technology company, today announced  that it is collaborating with LearningStation, an e-learning provider, and Promethean, an instructional technology company, to launch a cutting-edge solution for district and classroom assessment that will enable administrators and teachers to make powerful connections between assessment and learning.

Live from NECC: Computer in a Pen

Livescribe Inc. debuted its Pulse smartpen and mobile computing platform at the National Educators Computer Conference (NECC). The Pulse smartpen is a computer in a pen that captures everything a person hears and writes and syncs the notes and audio.