New online school model introduced

The American Academy, an online high school, has introduced the concept of "School as a Service" (SaaS). For high schools that want to offer online courses with minimal resource requirements and costs to the school, the SaaS model provides for an all-day online learning environment and includes pre-packaged online solutions that have been proven successful. Through Saas, any school can have an accredited online branch (at no up-front costs) in just a few weeks, with access to over 230 courses, tutors and licensed teachers, alerts for student progress and automated course recommendations among other features found in traditional high schools. The online courses can be individualized to meet a student's needs, and the program gives students a chance to catch up, get ahead, or simply explore more electives. Park City High School in Utah has used the program, and its Principal Hilary Hays explains that the school uses to SaaS model "for students who need more flexible learning options." The online program helps the school administrators meet individual students needs "while increasing transparency and accountability for students." Furthermore, The American Academy "manages the operations and technology of the online program," making it easy for the school to adopt. .