Online test prep for SAT, ACT, and more

Recorded Books K-12 introduces ePrep Test Preparation to the K-12 education marketplace. Designed by a team of Princeton University graduates, ePrep allows students to prepare for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, PLAN and SSAT from school, home or public library.

The student completes an ePrep practice test offline, under timed conditions; the student then transfers answers from an offline answer sheet to an online answer sheet; after clicking "Submit Answers" the student can review a projected score and immediately launch into a video review of questions that were skipped, answered incorrectly, or answered correctly (but with a guess or great difficulty).

Other ePrep features include:

  • ePrep Analytics tracks student performance
  • WordSmith, interactive online vocabulary builder
  • Parent accounts
  • An online study scheduler
  • An email assignment alert system
  • Printable progress reports

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