Online learning solution evaluated

A new third-party evaluation released today by PLATO Learning shows that of all students in Cypress-Fairbanks (Cy-Fair) ISD, the third largest school district in Texas, who failed a course in 2008 and then retook it in 2009 using PLATO Secondary Solutions, 84 percent completed and passed the course the second time.

According to the study, which was independently conducted by Interactive, Inc., Cy-Fair students earned significantly higher course grades in all content areas when using PLATO Secondary Solutions than they did in the previous academic year. Additionally, performance was improved among all student groups, no matter what their ethnicity, gender or at-risk classification, suggesting that PLATO Secondary Solutions is able to help all students learn. PLATO Secondary Solutions is a comprehensive, online learning program that offers flexible program options to keep middle school and high school students engaged as they prepare for high-stakes exams as well as college and careers.

To access the full text of the Cy-Fair evaluation, titled “Evidence of Effectiveness of PLATO Secondary Solutions on Student Achievement and College and Career Readiness”, visit