Online Learning Tutorials Offered

New software is a mixed blessing: On one hand, it can drastically improve efficiency; on the other, it can be a serious challenge to implement. The solution is the right training. Atomic Learning, award-winning provider of Web-based technology training and support, is excited to announce a new tutorial series on Blackboard 8. Blackboard allows teachers to set up an interactive web presence that encourages students to take an interest in their learning and share their enthusiasm with others. Teachers can then manage and evaluate assignment results, as well as collaborate among their peers.

Atomic Learning has seen high demand for tutorials on Blackboard 8, and now offers more than 58 brief video lessons on managing, presenting, and analyzing assignments, creating conversation between students, and sharing information among other educators. Sample Blackboard 8 tutorials are available at

In addition to tutorials on Blackboard 5, 6, 7 & 8, Atomic Learning also offers training on a variety of other educator tools including netTrekker d.i., Discovery Education streaming, SOLO Teacher Central, and more-Plus training on over 110 common software applications including Microsoft Office Suite 2007 & 2008 and Adobe CS3 & CS4 applications.

About Atomic Learning
Atomic Learning, Inc. was formed in 2000 by a group of technology educators with a mission to create useful and affordable online products focused on teaching people how to effectively use technology. Atomic Learning delivers a library of thousands of short, easy-to-view-and-understand tutorial movies that can be used as an integral part of a professional development program, a valuable curriculum supplement, and an anytime/anywhere software training resource. Atomic Learning now serves more than eight million teachers and students in over 12,000 schools worldwide, as well as individuals and organizations in a variety of other industries. For more information, visit