Secondary science programs featured at NSTA convention

This week at the 2010 National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Conference in Philadelphia, Pearson will showcase its two new secondary science programs, Interactive Science and "Miller & Levine Biology," which feature video, virtual labs and interactive activities.

Based on Dr. Grant Wiggins' Understanding by Design model, Interactive Science allows middle school students to read, write, draw, graph and self-assess, while the online learning environment,, includes videos, virtual labs, vocabulary games, and research opportunities. Dr. Wiggins will share how the Understanding by Design model can support science instruction in his NSTA conference presentation, "The Big Questions of Science! Starting With the End in Mind Using Understanding by Design."

In several special workshops, Ken Miller and Joe Levine will present ways to address the hot topics being discussed in high school classrooms around the country. "Miller & Levine Biology" features, and "Untamed Science." Two of the "ecogeeks" are also hosting a workshop at the conference where they will show teachers how they integrate their own videos into science instruction.