Site License Available to Schools

Inspiration Software®, Inc., today announced the launch of a new site license program for Inspiration® and Kidspiration® software.

A single low-cost, perpetual license purchase covers all student, teacher and administrator use at a school. Pricing is based on school enrollment at the time of purchase, eliminating the need to order more licenses when more computers are purchased. In addition, the site license allows teachers to use the software at home for lesson planning, grading and training, as well as free online professional development materials.

Created for K-5 learners, Kidspiration develops thinking, literacy and numeracy skills using visual learning principles. With the new visual math tools in Kidspiration 3, students build a mathematical foundation for reasoning and problem-solving by using visual representations to understand math concepts.

Teachers like Jennifer Patgorski of John Tyler Elementary near Norfolk, Va.find Kidspiration reaches students of every learning ability, from special education to advanced students. Even students with the most severe disabilities – those who require help
from paraprofessionals to navigate the school day – are able to use Kidspiration, she said. “I put them on Kidspiration and they are able to fully participate, 100 percent, doing the exact same thing as everyone else. You can imagine how that makes them feel.”

High school students in Cheryl Teaters’ biology classroom at Gateway High School in Monroeville, Pa., used Inspiration to to grasp difficult concepts, such as the functions of the organelles that make up a cell, by creating “cell analogy projects,” comparing the parts of a cell to another structure, such as a school, an automobile or a city. Teaters’ students constructed Inspiration “webs” – or visual maps – of a cell and the structure to which they compared it. For each organelle, students found a corresponding function in their analogous structure and created a visual representation of the connection, using Inspiration’s large library of symbols, graphics and photos, as well as images they imported.

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