Software Promotes Literacy

Today’s students text, blog, and tweet -- and sometimes they even write with pencil and paper. To help students build the literacy skills required for success in today’s world, education company Pearson today launched the newest version of its Web-based writing and reading comprehension tool, WriteToLearn™.

With WriteToLearn, students develop essay writing and summarization skills while their improvement is measured by the Knowledge Analysis Technologies™ (KAT) engine, an automated assessment technology that evaluates the meaning of text, not just grammatical correctness or spelling.

At Troutman Middle School, which serves 400 students in North Carolina’s Piedmont region, students of all academic abilities share the classroom. Debbie Craven is a special education teacher at the school. “Some of our students couldn’t focus to put together simple sentences, and writing was very difficult and frustrating for them,” said Craven. “Since we introduced them to WriteToLearn, we have seen a dramatic change. They think nothing of sitting down to write for an hour. Kids who used to struggle with one or two paragraphs are composing entire essays.”

All schools and districts with current WriteToLearn accounts will receive the updates free of charge. More information is available at