FETC News: New classroom management method

With 24-30 students or more in the typical classroom, it is tough for teachers to give students individual attention, especially struggling students. Brainchild (www.brainchild.com) today launched the Brainchild Academy Concept, which combines its technology resources with direct teacher observation into a three-station instructional plan.

The Brainchild Academy Concept is a method of combining print and digital resources with face-to-face instruction. Students work through three stations: 1) Brainchild Achiever! for diagnosis and assessment, 2) Brainchild's hand-held Study Buddy for instruction and 3) use of Achiever! worksheets or supplemental print materials for reinforcing instruction with a teacher or tutor. This three-station method keeps a classroom of students focused on the core instructional content while the teacher is free to assist her students through the process.

The Academy Concept will be featured at the Brainchild booth number 323 at the 2010 Florida Educational Technology Conference in Orlando, Florida which runs from January 12-15.