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FETC News: Lab analysis technology upgraded

 Vernier has announced its latest probeware offerings. 
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 Vernier has announced its latest probeware offerings: the Labquest® Mini, the SpectroVis® Plus, and the Mini GC®, or Mini Gas Chromatograph.

The LabQuest Mini offers an interface solution for educators who use a computer or netbook to collect scientific data, and offers the same 100 kHz maximum sampling rate as the LabQuest, along with five sensor ports that are compatible with more than 54 sensors.

For use in high school and college courses, the Mini GC uses newly patented technology that allows students to use room air as a carrier gas. The Mini GC takes up a small footprint on the lab bench, is light enough to be easily moved from lab to lab and economically priced.

The SpectroVis Plus®, an array diode spectrophotometer, has an improved range of 350-950 nanometers, enhanced optical resolution and new support for fluorescence.

For more information, visit www.vernier.com




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Live from NECC: Lab Technology

Vernier Software & Technology has added two new sensors compatible with its award-winning LabQuest application and Logger Pro 3 software.