Fun With Physics

Algoryx Simulation AB, a global provider of software and leading technologies for interactive physics simulation, has released Algodoo, a unique program which combines science education with entertainment. Among its users are students, teachers, animators, and science centers.Algodoo is a 2D-simulation environment for creating interactive scenes in a playful, cartoony manner, making use of the physics that we use to explain our real world. Algodoo applies a constructionist learning paradigm - learning by designing, constructing and exploring physical systems. Young kids can use Algodoo for drawing and the physics make their drawings come to life.

From this they can learn fundamental things about physics such as motion, forces, mass and density. Older kids can construct virtual experiments that illustrate the fundamental laws of physics such as conservation of energy and momentum. They can also build advanced and innovative machines or create an animation to tell a story.

Simulations are created using simple drawing tools and the user can interact with the simulation by click, drag, tilt and shake. Color traces, force and velocity vectors can be used to enhance visualization.Algodoo comes with models for rigid bodies, fluids, chains, gears,
gravity, contacts, friction, restitution, springs, hinges, lock, motors, laser rays and optics, and utilizes novel simulation technologies and high
performance numerical methods developed in the professional simulation products of Algoryx Simulation and based on academic research at Umeå University.

Algodoo is derived from Algoryx' precursor product Phun, which was made freely available for non-commercial use during the beta testing period.
Phun has been a tremendous success and has generated nearly 1.5 million downloads, and more than 10.000 user provided scenes, and thousands of entertaining video clips on YouTube.

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