Learning the Bard, in bits

MindConnex Learning, a global provider of digital learning software solutions for the education sector, has announced the launch of its new website – www.mindconnex.com – aimed at promoting its flagship series Shakespeare In Bits to secondary/high school students and educators around the world.

The new website features sections devoted to educators outlining the in-class and school-wide Shakespeare In Bits options to suit their needs. Each play within the Shakespeare In Bits series has its own dedicated page, showing its key features and learning benefits. Visitors can download a free trial of, or purchase, each play for PC/Mac directly from the website.

MindConnex Learning is offering schools the opportunity to win a year’s free subscription to Shakespeare In Bits Live! – worth up to $3,000 - featuring all plays within the series, including Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as well as Hamlet when it is launched in January 2012.

Shakespeare In Bits Live! is an online, subscription-based service that provides in-class access for organized class tutorials and anytime access by students using either personal or school computers.