New laptop/netbook and tablet carts

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. today introduced four new mobile device carts to support the modern learning environment. The new MDMLAP30 30-unit laptop/netbook carts and MDMTAB36 36-unit tablet carts feature advanced power management and desktop cord management.

The new carts include a “Power Manager” system, which continuously charges mobile devices, concentrating on the devices that need it most. The Power Manager prevents circuit tripping and allows each set of device batteries to cool down between charging cycles, thereby extending their life.

The carts also offer new cable and cord management: the locking slots in the front of the cart position the cords so they can be easily plugged into the device. The back of the cart features a removable cord management system.

The new MDMLAP30 laptop/netbook carts and MDMTAB36 tablet carts are currently shipping at a list price that begins at $3,948.