Grammar apps for kids four and older

Super Duper Publications has introduced two new educational, grammar-based mobile applications for students — Homophones Fun Deck and Regular Past Tense Verbs Fun Deck Apps.

Each application, compatible with the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod® touch, includes all of the illustrated images found in the Super Duper Fun Deck print versions of these Apps, plus audio of all text on the Fun Deck cards.

With the Homophones Fun Deck App, children ages 4 to 10 learn how to use and spell 56 homophones correctly by practicing with sentences like, “Tia wears a blue shirt,” and “Colin blew bubbles through a wand.”

The Regular Past Tense Verbs Fun Deck App, for ages 5 and older, presents 26 pairs of illustrated sentences (52 total), plus audio of each card’s text. In every match-up card pair, the first card has a picture-sentence with a regular present or future tense verb, and the match-up card has the regular past tense verb. For example, one card image shows a boy walking his dog. The first image says, “Tony will walk his dog,” and the second image says, “Yesterday, Tony walked his dog.”