Software Helps Teachers Prepare Students for the Rigors of Algebra

To better assist mathematics instructors in preparing middle school students for the rigors of algebra, Revolution K12 has updated its Algebra Readiness program. The program offers improved audio/visual lessons that cover 22 topics and 113 concepts using tutorials, diagnostic questions and ongoing assessments that monitor student progress and target weaknesses through Revolution K12’s proven Mentor Session technology.

To begin the program, students answer a set of questions that address prior knowledge concepts in order to ensure that they are ready for pre-algebra content. Then they delve into the 113 concepts in 22 main topic areas. Lessons offer Spanish text translation and test items vary in format from multiple choice, true/false, constructed response and matching. Based upon each individual’s prescriptive results, students are either moved upward to more challenging content or auto-assigned to tutorials to help them improve proficiency and understanding.

Teachers are able to customize the order in which concepts are presented, making it easy to incorporate Algebra Readiness into existing curriculum. Ongoing student assessments provided throughout the program allow teachers to gauge student progress and provide timely, individualized interventions. Detailed student data that measures individual progress against standards is provided in real-time reports, thus helping teachers customize instruction.

Off-line activities in the program include engaging puzzles and games tied to each session. Algebra Readiness is iOS compatible and is aligned to Common Core, California, Florida and Texas STAAR standards.