New workstation, thin clients

HP today unveiled its new all-in-one HP Z1 Workstation with a 27-inch diagonal display that snaps open so users can swap out parts and make upgrades without any tools required.

The HP Z1 combines a sleek industrial design with accelerated performance featuring Intel® Xeon® processors NVIDIA Quadro graphics, support for more than 1 billion colors. Built for computer -aided design, digital media and entertainment professionals, the HP Z1 provides fast rendering and offers a range of workstation -class graphics cards and processors.

Features include professional NVIDIA Quadro graphics, ECC memory, quad-core Intel Xeon processors, independent software vendor solutions and quiet acoustics.

HP has also announced the new HP t610 Flexible Series Thin Client and HP t510 Thin Client.

The HP t610 Flexible Series Thin Client and HP t510 Thin Client help schools reduce network costs and overall cost per workstation. The new thin clients combine security, performance and flexibility to provide a PC-like experience with support for more applications and multiple, simultaneous environments without sacrificing the security of sensitive data. The new systems offer increased security features to safeguard sensitive student and faculty data with greater protection from viruses and other security threats.

The HP t510 and HP t610 come standard with dual-core CPUs and offer graphics cores that offload computing from the server to the chipset, enabling users to stream multimedia and work with high-definition (HD) graphics.The HP t510 and HP t610 also enable the use of multiple monitors and remote connections.

The HP t610 features both a BIOS (basic input/output system) that complies with the security recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and an on-board Trusted Platform Module that protects access to networks under the certification requirements of the Trusted Computing Group. These features provide hard identification security for sensitive computing environments, giving businesses a second layer of protection for company data.

The HP t510 Thin Client has a starting price of $259 and the HP t610 Flexible Series Thin Client has a starting price of $399. The new devices are expected to be available in March in the Asia Pacific and Japan region, and in April in the Americas and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.