inRESONANCE Launches Four Free Mobile Apps Plus PORTAL Web Services 2.1

inRESONANCE (iR), Inc., developer of technology solutions for schools and non-profit institutions, has launched four free new mobile apps to improve faculty productivity, and announced a significant upgrade to PORTAL Web Services (PWS), PWS 2.1.

The apps are based on FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone/iPod touch and enable faculty to access and work with data wherever they go. They include:

-Go CallHome (available for iPhone and iPod touch) - gives faculty members immediate secure access to emergency contact information for any student on the iPhone or iPod touch, without requiring a direct connection to the school network.

-Go TakeAttendance (available for iPhone/iPod touch) - faculty can obtain instant attendance information from all locations across a campus network via the iPhone or iPod touch

-Go CollectNames (available for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch) - streamlines lead generation and follow-up, while reducing manual data entry. Visitors to school fairs can enter their contact information on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch versus a clipboard.

-Go TakePictures (available for iPhone/iPod touch) - allows capture photos of everyone in the iR KEYSTONE student information system.

Online teacher recommendations, new in PWS 2.1
With web-hosted PWS 2, for inquiries, applications, and notifications, iR has added online teacher recommendations to PORTAL, iR’s open, customizable, FileMaker Pro solution for admissions and enrollment management.