New Electronics Education Initiative Launched

SparkFun Electronics ( formally launched its new education initiative today. Coupled with the launch of (, the program and online education portal is devoted to bringing the world of embedded electronics technology into classrooms and promoting the concept of play and tinkering. The online portal forms the cornerstone behind the company’s recently formed Department of Education, headed by Lindsay Levkoff, Ph.D.

The programs at SparkFun are designed to explore students’ creativity as well as the technical aspects of electronics. SparkFun also helps train educators on how to teach and implement these technologies in the classroom.

Along with the new website, SparkFun is now offering two new kits that are tailored for developing new skills. Mr. Roboto ( is an Arduino-compatible development board designed to be used as a teaching tool for Arduino programming. Weevil Eye is a DIY night-light and e-textiles kit that responds to how dark the room is.

In addition, SparkFun announced the release of MiniBot, a complete robotics platform that allows users to build a small, wheeled robot. This latest release is fully Arduino-compatible and ProtoSnap customizable.