Classroom apps for Hamlet, chemistry

Slate & Tablets, an app development team made of two brothers, are set to bring out students’ competitive sides through the iOS native Gamecenter. With the release of Clean Slate: Hamlet and Atom-Builder, they will turn tweets into homework and high scores into extra credit.

In Atom-Builder, students race the clock to build as many atoms as they can, but have to contend with more difficulty every time they score points.

Clean Slate: Hamlet is a content-rich application that helps students study the play while also helping them relate to it. By integrating Twitter directly into the client, the team created what they hope will turn into a nation-wide discussion of interesting topics in the plot, like what advice students would offer Ophelia after her father died.

Clean Slate: Hamlet will be available for all of Apple’s devices, while Atom-Builder has been designed specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch. Both apps are free and will be ready to download on September 4, 2012.