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BETT News: My Big Campus Launches UK Key Stages and Academic Reporting

My Big Campus announced the addition of UK Key Stages to content, assignments, and bundles. In addition, teachers are able to generate new Academic Reports based on those Key Stages and easily see which students are meeting learning goals and which may need extra help.

Schoolwork allows teachers to create, assign, and grade various types of quizzes and assignments and gives students the ability to manage their tasks, submit assignments, and communicate with their teacher. Recognizing a need totrack progress toward goals, My Big Campus has added UK Key Stages to the Schoolwork feature. Educators can now attach Key Stages to individual questions and entire assignments and report on progress—ensuring students are receiving and learning relevant content.

Academic Reporting integrated with Key Stages allows reports to be generated for either an individual student or an entire class, and allow educators to see measurable data on academic proficiency.

With Academic Reports, teachers can:
• Track class and student progress on Key Stage-based content
• Easily understand report results with color coded score ranges
• Simplify the task of creating multiple reports based on the same key stages with the Learning Target feature
• Utilise adaptive learning to identify and push supplemental resources
• Receive retroactive results on tests and assignments students have already submitted

For more information on the latest features of My Big Campus, visit Bob Campus’s blog.

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