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Online science theme park launched

The Molecularium® Project’s latest addition, NanoSpace (, offers a scientific online theme park for children in 5th through 8th grades.

Visitors can choose from more than 25 games and activities in the amusement park, and learn from Mel, the Molecularium computer, in five new colorful short animations. Kids can discover the atomic and molecular breakdown of common elements and compounds – such as menthol, and propane – and how they are useful. They can take a ride in a nanotube elevator to explore the different forms of pure carbon, and learn the Periodic Table of elements through a fun, animated memory-style game (but timing is everything – the clock is ticking). The arcade is full of retro-futuristic games, where visitors can aim at electrons to build the electronic structure of an atom, or fire atoms to build target molecules and reveal how certain atoms bond to each other while others bounce off.