Survey: Educators concerned about resources, time to meet CCSS goals

A survey reveals that educators are apprehensive about whether they have enough time and resources to support the instructional shifts required to meet the new Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts.

The informal survey, conducted by Lexia Learning®, developer of Lexia Reading®, polled more than 100 education professionals at the 2013 ASCD Conference.

Attendees were first asked about whether their school or district was equipped with the right resources to address the unique needs of ELL and Title I student populations who often enter school with low oral language skills. Only 30 percent of the respondents believe that they have the right educational resources to support oral language development and eventual reading achievement. Those surveyed were also asked about whether educators in their school or district had enough time to provide the direct instruction to help diverse student populations improve reading proficiency. Less than one-quarter (23 percent) indicated that teachers had the time to effectively deliver individualized instruction, while only about one-third (30 percent) of the educators polled believed that they had the appropriate instructional resources available to offer individualized instruction to advance students reading skills.

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