Tech Forum Chicago: Backchannel for BYO and 1:1

There were some great resources recommended in the back channel for the Livestream discussion on BYO and 1:1, so we thought we'd share here. Enjoy!

Welcome to the 'techlearning' room.
oronoque: We have "embedded librarians" in some of our online courses
Caroly: Thank you for this session.
Telannia: hi, everyone
Telannia: whoa!
oronoque: greetings
pgeorge: Hooray! We're back live. :-) It was so nice of them to schedule this around my dental appt. :-) Back home just in time!
Telannia: LOL
pgeorge: wondering where all of the women are on the panel :-)
Telannia: teachers too
pgeorge: still love learning about this!!
jlourenner: Janna, on the far right is the sole woman and a teacher/coach.
Telannia: @tech learning How do you convience a large district to go BYOD or 1:1?
jdferries: loggin back in to see some 1:1 and BYOT. love to see how others do it
jlourenner: What type of pedagogy prep did you do?
pgeorge: I'm interested in hearing if any of the panel members are flipping their classrooms with BYO.
jdferries: jlourenner: we did "technology bootcamps" - focused on learning obj. and how differentiated tech would impact.
tthomassen: What types of things were covered in the 30 hours course?
pgeorge: @jdferroes thanks for your link!
Pryb: With the byo do any of the districts have preferred device list?
pgeorge: can't type!!! ugh!
pgeorge: that was such a huge point in the previous session about ownership--for students and teachers!
Tom: Any advantages/disadvanages in different devices/
jdferries: @Pryb we did a Frequently Asked Questions developed w/ parents and students. focus on use-case, not on device
Telannia: @jdferries Forgive me. I know you said this earlier. Are you 1:1 or BYOD school?
Pryb: ok thanks
jdferries: 1:1 BYOT...we support 80+ different devices and 6 different operating systems. LIke the wild west of learning :)
pgeorge: LOL!!
Pryb: jdferries, what email system do you use?
jdferries: the focus groups are awesome! helps identify needs and dreams that end up shaping whatever tech solutions implemented.
oronoque: I am at a university so it has always been BYOD in I am trying to figure out how to take advantage of this reality
pgeorge: focus groups are a super idea!
jdferries: We are a Google Apps for Edu school - so primarily gmail. Adults also have exchange server access, but that will be going away in the next year.
GuyB: Anyone using cloud computing in addition to BYOD?
Pryb: We are moving to google for next year.
jdferries: @guyb: not sure how you do BYOT w/o cloud of some sort. as students identify different tools and strengths, the cloud gives common loc./home base (my opinion)
GuyB: CLoud as in offering a virtual desktop. More than just Google Apps.
pgeorge: the cloud has significantly changed access for so many!! no longer have to worry about platforms such as Mac vs PC.
Martin Reyes: @JDFerries - you could do BYOT in combination with a VDI and or App virtualizaion
oronoque: I missed it --- what did the panel say is the solution when a student does not have any device?
shs: When do you do professional development? When do teachers have time to collaborate? At High School, there are so many things going on, there is little time for teachers to get together
aonsdorff: that is a great question shs.
jdferries: @martinreyes: we do some virtualization, but would rather students see the strengths of their device and, in collaboration, see the strengths of others. Our watchword is "Access, Evaluate, and Use"
aonsdorff: my school is iPad 1:1, but teachers barely use them
pgeorge: @aonsdorff that is so sad! what a loss for the students as well as the teachers!
jdferries: Love my chromebook :) "we let testing drive the decsions for our school" -- so sad :(
Martin Reyes: Understood JD. But you make it sound like you are limiting students by doing VDI or app virtualizaion. These solutions are device agnostic.
Pryb: What does the panel prefer a tablet or laptop (chromebook)
Martin Reyes: any device with a web connection can access resources in the internal network. No VPN required either
aonsdorff: @pgeorge . I'm moving into the ed tech next year and hope to change that, but would love to hear about what others did in terms of PD for their teachers
LSW: There is no right device, let the learning drive the decision!
Telannia: Are their any districts with 30K plus kids have a 1:1 program? Everyone seems to be small Less than 10K students.
oronoque: I hear more and more Admins pushing online PD so that PD can be done after school work all day, train all night, and forget about sleep
LSW: We had success with a full year of learning for staff before putting devices in students hands
pgeorge: @aonsdorff that's terrific news! successful PD models with many alternatives will make a big difference
jdferries: sorry, not trying to imply limitation. but VDI forces an APP/OS POV. rather stdts embrace the power of their tools.
Steve: what is mcamp?
jdferries: video editing on any device, but different apps and benefits based on device. The critical thinking occurs at choice level as well as learning obj.
jdferries: Steve: think they meant EdCamp - impromptu educational conference.
pgeorge: edcamp is a wonderful model because learners decide what they want to learn!
Steve: ah. Thank you!
jdferries: @LSW agree! need a RT button on this chat :)
GuyB: We us webNetork by Stoneware as a unified cloud solution. So far so good.
oronoque: we use Kaltura for video, which is nice because it senses what device the user is accessing the video with and provides an appropriately formatted feed
Martin Reyes: Yes - ultimately is about engaging the students. (some people dont like that word !!)
jdferries: If interested, a bunch of BYOT schools of all kind hangout on twitter THUs at 9pm EST on #BYOTchat. includes Brebeuf Jesuit, Forsythe, and others
oronoque: our Student Help Desk s student-manned also...they are work--study students so get paid...they are really great with the tech
pgeorge: the #BYOTchat is a fantastic place to learn and connect!
shs: We have a student help desk on google well
jdferries: Our student team works in the summer. They ran our wireless network :) talk about ownership of the tools!
GuyB: "ask 3 b4 me"...I like that
pgeorge: @shs that's a great idea to use google docs for the student help desk :-)
oronoque: let's move to his district!
GuyB: What happens when a students device is damaged beyond repair, lost or stolen?
Martin Reyes: What service are you using to provide ebooks to staff/students ?
pgeorge: the "glue" is these amazing leaders! :-)
pgeorge: these tips are excellent!
shs: edmodo is free and very user friendly
pgeorge: Google apps, iTunesU, eBackpack--good to know. Also agree with Edmodo & Moodle as great portals.
Martin Reyes: My Big Campus is also free and very facebook like interface
pgeorge: great advice! don't expect everything to be perfect!
shs: Casper is a great tool for MDM
oronoque: In addition to PC labs, our campus library has a laptop loaner program and is thinking about a tablet loaner program also
Martin Reyes: You can use Meraki as a MDM management tool for free
pgeorge: we had a great webinar with the #byotchat team on Classroom 2.0 LIVE. Recording & Livebinder link here:
oronoque: I have learned so much from Classroom 2.0
pgeorge: Here's the Livebinder--many great resources for BYOT/BYOD
Mguidos: Are "expectations" part of the teacher evaluation process?
oronoque: Classroom 2.0 LIVE Weekly Show
pgeorge: thanks @oronoque :-) appreciate the shoutout!
jdferries: we do drop-ins on teachers (4x per semester) - lots of BYOT comes up through those...also shares through teacher resource room helps.
mike: We use Worth
oronoque: I am having problems with the livestream
jdferries: @oronoque it is breaking up a little
pgeorge: great question @Mguidos Expectations are so important but what gets monitored gets done :-)
pgeorge: you can try changing the video quality to low and it may help the audio/video stream
Mguidos: So true pgeorge! Not a punitive situation but meaningful encouragement.
jdferries: forgot/break: we have teacher controlled grab-and-go chromebooks. tchr can make student suffer or show mercy. Short term lease for repair issues.
pgeorge: I remember the old days when teachers used to allow a student to trade a shoe for a pencil :-)
Sri_s: I am curriculum person. I invite you to participate in a Beta for a cloud based alignment tool that eases transition to Common core and organizes materials on the cloud.
mike: sounds like the marriott needs more bandwidth
pgeorge: @Mguidos Totally agree about the monitoring being encouraging and supportive--not "gotchas"
pgeorge: excellent panel discussion and terrific backchannel chat! Thank you all!
jdferries: Enjoyed the chat everyone. feel free to find me on SM if you need Info/Resoruces/Snark :)
oronoque: 2:30 - 3:45 pm CT Moving Beyond Textbooks