See.Touch.Learn.® special needs app upgrades

Brain Parade®, a developer of learning solutions for children with autism and other developmental disabilities, announces the newest update to the See.Touch.Learn. ® free iPad application that provides access to the Brain Parade Community. The Community, available by subscription, allows users to download and share visual learning libraries created by thousands of other users around the world.

The app allows users to create custom picture card instruction for students with special needs. Libraries containing more than 4,400 images and lessons are available for purchase to supplement the free images and exercises included in the free downloadable app. Additional features included in this free update include a “drag and drop” interface for creating and editing of lessons, the ability to organize content into folders, a search tool to locate lessons and libraries by keyword, and the option to randomize card locations during lesson play. Instructors can also utilize a new “Play Mode” that restricts activity to just playing lessons and prevents students from accessing other features.