Live streaming app for iPad® introduced

Discover Video, LLC ( today announced “Streamsie” a new video streaming app for iPads. Streamsie instantly sends live video from Apple iPad to the Discover Video DEVOS or Arcus system, or to virtually any Flash-compatible live streaming server or CDN. The video stream can be viewed by anyone on a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

Streamsie is designed to be part of the Discover Video DEVOS ecosystem. DEVOS is a streaming server and portal available for on-site installation or as a cloud-based solution that allows organizations to deliver live and on-demand video. Streamsie can be used as a low cost encoder for capturing classroom lectures, live events, or even live sports.

Streamsie can also be used with Akamai, Limelight, Edgecast and other CDNs, and with customer's live streaming servers such as Adobe FMS, Wowza, Helix, and others.

The app is available at the iTunes store for $9.95.