Educational videos offered on YouTube

To prevent the summer slide, YouTube offers a library of entertaining educational videos, like the examples listed below representing various subjects and grade levels:

Math – Numberphile dissects some of the best math jokes in an animated video that covers everything from vectors to magnitudes to limits.

History & Social Sciences – Learn about some of the most important people in American history through the “Getting to Know the US Presidents” series on GettingToKnowVideos like this cartoon of George Washington.

Language – ESL Students ages 10 and under can study, practice and review basic English, including new vocabulary, grammar patterns and conversations, with on the Fun English channel including this video about colors.

Science – “Nerd” out and bring science experiments home with scientist and teacher Steve Spangler:

*What happens when you mix a little milk, food coloring and a drop of liquid soap? Uncover the scientific secrets of dish soap here on Sick Science!

*Discover the science of turning a soda bottle into a toy that explains the properties of air and water on this episode of The Spangler Effect.

Five safety tools help to protect kids while they're learning on YouTube:

1. YouTube SafetyMode

Learn how to turn on and lock Safety Mode on YouTube.

2. SafeSearch in Google Search.

Want to hide explicit images, search results, and videos? Turn on SafeSearch, a filter that keeps many of the adult results you might not want popping up on the family computer out of your Google Search results.

3. Flags on YouTube

If you see something you don’t like, you can say something. On every single video on YouTube, there is a flag that you can use to report a video if you don’t think it is appropriate and violates YouTube’s Community guidelines, including content that is violent, sexual or hateful.

4. Google+ settings and safety notifications for teens

When a teen joins Google+ they have different default settings to help keep them safe and remind them to be responsible. Check out some examples.

5. Good to Know

Learn more about Google’s privacy and safety tools for families, get tips from parents at Google about family safety, and find out more what Google does to protect you, your family, and the Internet.