See.Touch.Learn.® visual learning iPad app releases Site Edition

Brain Parade®, a developer of learning solutions for children with special needs, announces the release of See.Touch.Learn.® Site Edition. The company’s visual learning iPad application is available for private implementation in classroom, school and district settings. The package provides training sessions to educators and enables them to share custom content with teaching aides, therapists and parents in their own private school communities.

Recently voted Most Likely to Succeed Product during the Ed Tech Industry Summit Innovation Incubator Program, See.Touch.Learn. offers lessons that combine images with the interactivity of the iPad. The Brain Parade Community provides the ability to exchange lessons with others, creating a library of content with more than 350,000 users worldwide.

Based on feedback from users, Brain Parade developed the option to create private communities where teachers can share individualized, custom lessons with others involved in the child’s education plan.

Future capabilities of the application and its online counterpart will enable both teachers and parents to monitor a student’s progress and success, improving communication channels between the home and school settings.