TabPilot adds screen monitoring and control to Tablet Manager

TabPilot Learning Systems launches TabPilot 3.0, offering new features such as remote monitoring of student tablets, class screen freeze, district-level management, automatic wireless synchronization for apps and files, support for Barnes & Noble Nook line of tablets, and more.

The screen monitoring feature allows teachers to view thumbnails of multiple student tablets at the same time. It also allows the teacher to select any tablet for a larger view and has the ability to print the screen capture along with the device name and date and time stamp. The screen lock feature will freeze the screen on a class set of tablets and display a custom message from the teacher to gain student attention at the front of the class.

New features are found throughout TabPilot Control Tower, the cloud-based interface used by teachers to manage groups of tablets, as well as in Launch & Lock, the interface that runs on the Android tablets allowing students to launch apps and web sites in a restricted environment that keeps them on-task. TabPilot runs on most Android devices and has recently expanded its support of tablets to include the Barnes & Noble Nook HD line of tablets.