Things We Should Say More Often

Kid President recently released a new video called “20 Things We Should Say More Often,” which is perfectly timed for the week of Thanksgiving and a break in the busy lives of teachers and students. I was inspired to take a shot at my suggestions for the top 10 things I think we should do more often:

· Inventory your strengths and use others to strengthen your weaknesses;
· Find something good in every experience;
· Prune away to make room for new growth;
· Question what you think you know;
· Use all of your resources;
· Ask for help;
· Listen;
· Reflect often;
· Value what you have; and
· Make time for what is important.

Recently, David Jakes challenged me to write my manifesto and these ideas are at the heart of the document I am starting (although after watching the Kid President video I have to work corndogs in somehow). As you head into Thanksgiving, take the opportunity for reflection on the start of the year and to plan how to make use of the valuable time we have left this year. Pick a few things to say or do more often, write them down, and come back prepared to put them into action.