Professional Certification Level Added to Enterprise Mobility Certification Program

AirWatch® introduces the professional certification level to its Enterprise Mobility Certification Program. The initial professional certification workshop will be held at AirWatch Connect Barcelona. The program recognizes clients and partners for broadening their expertise of the AirWatch EMM platform including mobile security, device, email, application, content, laptop and browsing management.

The AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Certification Programprovides a prescriptive path of training courses and exams for clients and partners to become accredited administrators of AirWatch solutions. In addition to the associate certification, participants can now achieve professional certification. Professional certifications are initially offered in mobile device management (MDM) and mobile content management (MCM). AirWatch customers and partners can update their associate certification to AirWatch 7.0 and earn professional level certification at AirWatch Connect Barcelona.

To obtain a professional certification, customers and partners should complete the following steps:

1.Reserve a space in the two-day instructor-led training workshop at AirWatch Connect Barcelona.

2.Review the recommended online prerequisite course materials, which include videos, webinars and interactive learning modules.

3.Pass the associate level exam and pass the professional certification exam for MDM and/or MCM.

Space is limited for the two-day certification workshop at AirWatch Connect Barcelona and priority will be given to individuals and partners who register early at