Study: Digital Data Brings Changes to Learning

Pearson has released a new study today on the changes digital data will bring to future of learning. The report, Impacts of the Digital Ocean on Education, details how data, social technology and gaming will all be at the forefront of education in the future.

The report identifies six areas of impact:

  • Interaction: Computers will score a much wider range of responses from students
  • Data: Evidence-based interactions between the learners and the learning material will help educators understand learners’ processes
  • Pattern Seeking: Analysis of anonymous data will enable teachers and researchers to uncover new patterns
  • Immediate Feedback: Rapid interpretation of data will enable teachers to provide immediate feedback to learners
  • Learner Profiles: Connecting information enables educators to build a more complete understanding of learners
  • Activity Recommendation: Educators will be able to determine the best activity for the learner

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