Echo360 and Cengage Learning Partner to Provide Access to Classroom Engagement System, LectureTools

Echo360 and Cengage Learning today announced a partnership that, with the purchase of a new Cengage Learning textbook as requested by their professor, provides students with a six-month subscription to the Echo360 classroom engagement product, LectureTools.

Developed by University of Michigan instructor, and Cengage Learning author, Dr. Perry Sampson, LectureTools is designed to improve student engagement by leveraging the use of a student’s smartphone, tablet or laptop. The product allows instructors and students to communicate directly by participating in polls, quizzes and other interactive sessions. Students are also able to anonymously ask questions without interrupting class and could request that the professor revisit difficult material they had a hard time digesting. Ultimately, LectureTools shrinks large classroom settings into a personable environment where professors have the rare ability to calibrate their instruction and respond to student needs, in real-time.

Cengage currently publishes hundreds of individual titles across eight unique brands and reaches hundreds of higher education institutions. By partnering, Cengage and Echo360 further a mutual focus on classroom engagement by creating a hybrid solution that compliments digital and print learning systems.

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