New Animations Based on "16 Habits of Mind" Launched

The Institute for Habits of Mind and WonderGrove Studios launched a new series of instructional animations based on the 16 Habits of Mind, developed by Drs. Art Costa and Bena Kallick.

The Habits of Mind Instructional Animations are an initiative to help children build character and dispositions for learning. Research shows that young children form strong emotional relationships with animated characters, and using engaging characters to model behavior can improve children’s learning of concepts.

The Habits of Mind Instructional Animations and lessons can be purchased as an annual subscription online here. They are available as a web license or in a spiral notebook packaged with the animations on a DVD or on a USB drive. At present, a one-year website license is available for $60. After September 1, 2014, the annual subscription rate will increase to $90.