Adventure Math Game Offers Free Trial

DreamBox Learning has announced an updated version of its DreamBox Learning K-2 Math Classroom, a web-based math learning tool that provides differentiated instruction, is built on a standards-based mathematics curriculum, and is wrapped in a fun, adventure-style game.

The latest version includes a broader set of classroom management tools, so teachers can:

  • View an improved teacher dashboard that offers a graphical at-a-glance progress summary for every student in the class
  • Review a detailed weekly progress report covering the specific concepts and lessons completed by each student
  • Receive notifications about students who have been struggling with specific lessons and may need additional assistance
  • Customize the amount of time students can spend in the DreamBox arcade, an area that rewards students with quick mini-games

Teachers can get a free 30-day subscription for the DreamBox Learning K-2 Math Classroom at Home-based users can get a two-week free trial at