Early Warning Indicator System Tracks Students' Progress

The Kickboard instructional management solution’s new Early Warning Indicator System (EWIS) allows educators to see how many, and which, students are off track for end-of-year promotion or future academic success.

The EWIS is the newest feature of Kickboard, a central hub of classroom data where teachers can collect, analyze and share academic and behavioral information. Using the EWIS, schools can set up early warning indicators that act as “triggers” to instantly alert educators to potential problems in general education, Response to Intervention (RTI) and special education programs. Each automated trigger — from academic mastery in core subjects to course failures to absences — is based on industry research of indicators that predict a child’s likelihood to drop out of school.

In addition, the EWIS can automatically alert educators or parents to warning signs in several pre-established scenarios, with adjustable thresholds for each, so they can take action as soon as an issue arises.